If you are an experienced robotic platform user, you know how complexe it could be to add functionnalities on existing Plateform. With Moduloplate™ device, no need of re-engineering, no need to find some space or to upgrade an expensive software or add specific software module.
Moduloplate™ are SBS-plate sized and fit directly onto your platform, if you have a robotic arm or a gripper, you will be able to add microplates on the Moduloplate™ device and also be able to put it on your desk or not.

Moduloplate™ device will let you manage your new added features simply.
Adding new functionalities to your platform is just as simple to use a new microplate type.
You can learn more about Moduloplate Technologies on the www.moduloplate.com site.

Updating your robotics platform with new features will be as easier than ever, thanks to Moduloplate™ design.


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