Flexibility of Moduloplate™ Integration

Moduloplate™ Scale can be placed into any platform alongside the sample while pipetting or dispensing protocols. This way of use provides measurement on the fly of dispensed liquid within microplates.
Moduloplate Scale on Perkin Elmer® Multiprobe platform Moduloplate Scale on Zinsser analytic® pipeting platform
Perkin Elmer® Multiprobe platform
Zinsser analytic® pipeting platform


Moduloplate™ Scale is easy to fits with CyBio products ( www.cybio.fr) :

Moduloplate Scale on CyBi-Selma pipetor

Moduloplate Scale on CyBi-Well flex vario

CyBio®  CyBi-Selma
CyBio® CyBi-Well flex vario
 Moduloplate™ Scale design is compatible with grippers; stackers or robotic arms. With a such compatibility, the device can be removed without human intervention.

Moduloplate Scale with robotic_arm_200

Moduloplate Scale with gripper

Rotating arm/gripper
Robotic arm